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48 Hour ECG Holter Monitor

A Holter monitor is a lightweight, wearable heart monitor

  • 15 minutes
  • 230 British pounds
  • Ealing Hospital|Harley Street|Parkshot

Service Description

A Holter monitor is a lightweight, wearable device that records the electrical activity or your heart continuously. If you have experienced symptoms such as palpitations, skipping beats, dizziness, fainting, chest pain or shortness of breath and a routine resting 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) examination has not identified a problem, your doctor may ask you to have a 24h holter monitoring ECG test. It is safe and provides a more accurate picture of your heart than ECGs. The test is painless and without side effects. It does not use radioactivity.

Contact Details

  • Ealing Hospital, Cardiology, Uxbridge Rd, Southall UB1 3HW, UK

    0208 574 2384

  • London Cardiology Clinics / Harley St - Ealing - Richmond, Harley Street, London, UK

    0208 574 2384

  • Parkshot Medical Richmond, 18 Parkshot, Richmond TW9 2RG, UK

    0208 574 2384

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