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The mobile echocardiogram / heart scan requested by the physician can be done in your home environment by a Heart Specialist in London - Dr Kosta - Cardiologist (FESC member), accredited in echo (EACVI member) and awarded the iWantGreatCare certificate of excellence in 2020 for delivering outstanding care. The fee for SW London starts from £430.

If there is a serious reason that prevents your movement and you want to carry out a high-quality private echocardiogram by an accredited London cardiologist, mobile echo unit is the ideal solution for you!

Some other VIP Cardiac Investigations at your home/office:

  • ECG with Consultation and risk assessment

  • Advanced Echocardiogram at Home (the best value for money in London)

  • 24-48hECG Holter

  • 6 Days ECG Holter

  • 14 Days ECG Holter

  • 24h BP Holter

In previous years, it was not possible to have a private echocardiogram in London, with high-level images in a patients home. In recent years, Heart Ultrasound/echocardiogram has shown tremendous advances in imaging, providing physicians with extremely reliable results. Our equipment has very high diagnostic precision, provides immediate solutions to diagnostic problems, and is increasingly being requested by doctors in patients who are unable to move. The handheld ultrasound at home provides immediate solutions to diagnostic questions, thus avoiding the patient and his or her family suffering from the discomfort in hospitals or diagnostic centres.

On the other hand if you work long hours and you don't have the time to attend your appointment in a Cardiac Centre, a Private London Cardiologist, based at Harley Street, can come to your office/club.​


Our equipment is a General Electric vivid i that almost every NHS Hospital has in use due to high accuracy, high picture resolution and durability. The software also involves advance echo techniques.


The operator is a qualified Heart Specialist / NHS and private Consultant Cardiologist (with training in the major London Hospitals for imaging and USA)  and not a physiologist. So you can discuss your medical problem and receive the appropriate answers to your medical questions immediately. Receive the highest Harley Street quality at the convenience and comfort of your home. 

Special prices for Sports teams, multiple gym members or multiple cardiac services and corporation offers are available. Apart from the Greater London area, we also serve Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

We can also consider other areas after request, thus you can have "a private cardiologist near me" at your disposal.


All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present for any cardiac consultation, examination or procedure, where they feel one is required. Patients have the right to decline the offer of a chaperone. However the clinician may feel that it would be wise to have a chaperone present for their mutual protection.

If you feel that the situation is life threatening dial 999.

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