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Available and High Tech Wireless, Waterproof Holter Monitor for up to 14 Day Recording- Delivered directly to your Door Step.

(Same day results)

24 hour Holter Monitor ECG - £210. Do your test with your doctor.

A Holter monitor test (Heart Monitor, Ambulatory ECG Monitor) is a lightweight, wearable device that records the electrical activity or your heart continuously. If you have experienced symptoms such as palpitations, skipping beats, dizziness, fainting, chest pain or shortness of breath and a routine resting 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) examination has not identified a problem, your doctor may ask you to have a 24h holter monitoring ECG test.

*A 48 hour (£230) can also be actioned depending on the evolution, signs and presenting symptoms. 72h for £260, 4 Days £290, 5 Days £320, 6 Days £350 7Days £380 also available.

* You can return the device as recorded delivery in your nearest  Post Office in a special envelope (provided from us) saving your time.

If monitors are required for more than 48h please call us to arrange (or book online the 48h with a text message stating how many days you want).

*Choosing devices

We remain independent of devices. Choose the highest performing holter and heart monitoring technology available globally. Holter recording up to 14 days.

What is an ECG Holter monitor?

This cardiac test monitors your heart rhythm over 24 hours. You will need to wear the monitor around your waist or carry it in your pocket.

You can continue along with your daily activities throughout the test.

When you return the monitor to the office, the heart specialist, which in our case is your cardiologist in our cardiology clinic, will analyse the data, interpret them and produce the report in 6-12hours.

The test can provide your doctor with much more data regarding your cardiac rhythm on which to base any medical decisions concerning your health.

How is the monitor fitted?

Skin preparation is needed to ensure that the electrodes (small sticky patches connected to leads) can be securely fitted to your chest; this involves light skin abrasion and cleaning the skin  to ensure that the dead skin cells and any natural oils are cleaned away. If you have chest hair this will need to be shaved off.

We attach five electrodes (small sticky patches) to your chest.

Small wires from the monitor are connected to those electrodes.

You will wear the monitor around your waist clipped to a band or carry it in your pocket.

Holter monitor electrode placement takes about 10 minutes to fit.

This test is totally painless and it's vital that you simply wear the monitor throughout the day and night, and maintain your normal daily activities.

It is additionally vital that you simply don't get the monitor wet therefore please don't have a bath or shower while carrying it.

You should make note (by pressing the button on the device) of the follow symptoms:

  •  Shortness of breath or Breathlessness or feeling that you cannot catch your breath sometimes made worse by exercising. Shortness of breath can also be at rest.

  • Palpitations: a beating sensation in your chest that you can feel, this could be described as a fluttering, pounding, racing, skipped beats or irregular beats.

  • Dizziness, feeling giddy or that you may fall over.

  • Fainting or collapsing, can also be described as having a black-out.

  • Chest pain: a pain in the center of your chest, when associated with arrhythmia it can come and go quickly.


Holter Monitoring Results Interpretation and Report

You will be asked to return the holter monitor to the office at the Cardiology clinic in Central London.

If you are coming from far away is not any need to repeat the visit next day. Dr Kosta will give you a special envelope to post the device back in your nearest Post Office saving time. Ideally, the office would prefer for the monitor to be returned the day following the end of the recording phase or as soon as possible afterwards.

Please, make sure you follow the department’s instructions about returning your holter monitor, as different patients could have their ECG Holter monitoring test cancelled, if you do not return the

monitor on time.

Our heart specialist Dr Kosta aims to produce a holter monitoring ECG results report within 3-6 hours of the monitor being returned, so that your doctor can look at the those results immediately.


Useful contacts

If you are booked to come in for a Holter Monitoring (24h ECG) and have any questions or would like further information please contact us. 


                                                          A myPatch Holter

Standard patch devices currently on the market record on a single channel and can be very expensive.  In comparison, the MyPatch device can record up to 3 channels making it a superior choice at a lower price (£250 for up to 48h).

Remote Holter Diagnostic Service available using our Holter-patch (picture) and courier services across London but also all around the UK. Please contact us with your name, DOB and delivery address.

*No need to visit us. We can deliver this (the one patch device) to your address in the UK with full support from Cardioscan.

One of the benefits of a myPatch Holter device is that you are free to work, exercise, shower or do any other regular daily activities, In fact, many patients forget that they are wearing a myPatch Holter. Holter Monitor Cost:

24-48h Holter £250

6 Days Holter  £400

14 Days Holter £520

myPatch benefits:

myPatch Holter monitors allow you to have a detailed look at your heart health, without altering your lifestyle, Some of the benefits include:

  • Accurate monitoring

  • Lightweight device

  • Easy to use

  • Waterproof

  • Records for up to 14 days

  • Doesn’t disrupt your daily activities

  • Superior to other similar equipment


What happens after the test?

Your heart data will be sent for analysis and interpretation at Cardiac Monitoring Service, and results will be returned to your health professional within 24hrs. ​​


All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present for any cardiac consultation, examination or procedure, where they feel one is required. Patients have the right to decline the offer of a chaperone. However the clinician may feel that it would be wise to have a chaperone present for their mutual protection.

If you feel that the situation is life threatening dial 999.

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